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Review: 'Til Grits Do Us Part by Jennifer Rogers Spinola

"Til Grits Do Us Part
Jennifer Rogers Spinola
Christian Romance Mystery


It’s all coming up roses.
Or it should be. Engaged to the last man she’d ever thought possible, Shiloh Jacobs is making a go of small-town life in rural Staunton, Virginia—writing again, planning a wedding, and about to sell the house that will make her dreams come true.
But instead of pre-wedded bliss, Shiloh finds herself virtually alone in Redneckville with no family to help her, no money, and no time to plan a wedding. Especially a wedding to a man as different as Adam Carter.
While covering an unsolved news case about a missing woman, things go from bad to worse for Shiloh—starting with mysterious rose bouquets and disturbing letters that link to her mother’s past. The more Shiloh tries to put her mother’s troubled history behind her, the more tangled in the case—and in the stalker’s sights—Shiloh becomes.
Forced to face her past secrets while on the run from a madman, can Shiloh identify the stalker before he strikes again? And as one dream after another falls flat, can she and Adam put aside their differences before it’s too late?

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Jennifer Rogers Spinola lives in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, with her Brazilian husband, Athos, and four-year-old son, Ethan. She has lived in Brazil for nearly eight years and served as a missionary to Japan for two years. Jenny is the author of Barbour Books' "Southern Fried Sushi" series (first book released October 2011!) and an upcoming romance novella collection based on Yellowstone National Park (also with Barbour Books).

Southern Fried Sushi Series

My Review:

'Til Grits Do Us Part is the third book in the Southern Fried Sushi Series by Jennifer Rogers Spinola.
This was the first book I have read by Jennifer and it will not be the last. This one made my smile, laugh out loud and at times want to cry with Shiloh the main character in the book. It can stand on its own, but I would suggest reading books #1 and #2 before this one. You get clues to the plot lines in book #1, Southern Fried Sushi and book #2 Sweet Potato Pie, but I found myself wanting to know the previous stories as well.

Shiloh is a big city girl who has been transplanted in a small town in Virginia, which adds a whole lot of fun to her adventures in 'Til Grits Do Us Part.  The "cow tipping" scene in the first chapter was so funny and took me back to when I fell in love and married a small town Virginia boy myself.  The characters are well developed and the mystery aspect of ‘Til Grits Do Us Part is brilliantly executed.  If you are looking for a mystery, love story,  and lots of quirky laugh out load moments then the Southern Fried Sushi series is for you.  I just bought the other two books and plan to read them soon.

I received this book from Net Galley and Barbour Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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