Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DSL down for almost a week

Wouldn't you know, just when I decide to be a faithful blogger, my daughters DSL goes out for almost a week. Finally working again tonight. I'll see what I can find to post for
tomorrow. I did get some scrapping done, since I could not surf. Melissa had a blood drive at the mall today, so the girls and I went along and did some shopping. I am really
enjoying my new clothes. Sending the bills to DH in KY. :)
Good night , I mean morning its 2:13 am and I need to sleep. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 blog is now pretty blog is now pretty and to celebrate, I have a little freebie
to share with those of you who come and take a peak. Some of you may already have
this one, as it was a challenge prize last year. If you download , please say hi and
tell me what you think of my new blog look. Hey, it's not fancy smancy(my blog),
but I think I did pretty good of an old grandma.

I was inspired to make this rustic kit by my 1860 log house.
You can down load Country Tulip here. Hope you like it.
I'll try to make you something new real soon.
Good night. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

More Layouts

The head honcho of the family farm. At least he rules his roost. DH rules ours.
July RAKscraps Sponsor layout
French Country by Betsy Tuma.
Font: Cramps

My beautiful peonies. :)
Julia by Betsy Tuma
JillDZines Mega Memories Template 1
This is one of my sponsor layouts for Betsy and also
my challenge layout for Jill's challenge at RAKscraps

Sara and Rusty 2 Making Friends
Teen Extreme Girl by Amy Wolff
Special thank to Tandika Star and DigiScrapDesigner for the Stamped Action used on this layout.
Template by Darcy Baldwin (frames by Amy Wolff, from Teen Extreme Girl)
Fonts: Times New Roman, Elsewhere 2 BRK and Grundge2 BRK

I had a layout disappear again. I think I must have hit backspace trying to insert my
text. Old women and blogs don't mix. :)
Good night for now. It's 9 pm and I still need to do my blog header and some sponsor
and CT layouts. It never ends, but I love it.

Working On My Blog

I have spent some time on my blog today. I added to the right side bar and expanded the sides so there is not so much wasted space. Also working on a new header to fill
up the big space and the top. :)
I am getting ready to start putting up a few freebies and making it more user friendly.
Now if I could just get better at blogging every day, I'd be all set.

Hi Mike, (my brother) if you are reading this. I love you and miss you bunches.

I have some more layouts to post and then I'll get back to kit making and my header.
Does anyone know how to make my blinkies blink on the new blogger format?
I have tried all the Photobucket links and none work. It always
says its an invalid
link. They worked on the old Blogger, so not sure what to do here. The Html is
different on the new one.

OK, on to some layouts:
First is a Scrapdish CT layout
Little Bit Of Funky Extreme Mini by Correen Silke, of Scrapdish
Presto Chango Template Set 3 by Jan Hosford, of Scrapdish
Dotty Doodly Alpha by JillDZines, of Scrapdish

Next is a RAKscraps Sponsor team layout of DH.
Teen Extreme Girl by Amy Wolff
Teen Extreme Boy by Amy Wolff
Pinned Alpha by Amy Wolff
Tags N Rings by Amy Wolff
Fonts: Times New Roman and Oz Handcraft BT

This is a fun layout I did for CIJ at DSP. Had to post a layout to get Lauren's terrific
addon bonus.
Rainbows End by Lauren Bavin
Presto Chango Templates Set 2 by Jan Hosford (available at Scrapdish) I changed it around some to make room for Lauren's fun elements.
Font: CK Diva
This goofy man is of course my DH and is another July RAKscraps Sponsor Team layout.
French Country by Betsy Tuma
Frolic by Betsy Tuma
Fonts: If and Humanist521 BT

Hey, where did my other layouts disappear to?
I'll close this post and start another to upload my other layouts.
Hope someone reads this and leaves me a hello. I bet if I posted a freebie and
sent you over here I would get some hits. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Re: Isn't he a cutie!

This is my hero and DH. Isn't he cute!
UR My Rock by Carole Neale
RAKscraps July 07 Template by Robin Cabana
Quote inspiration from Shelly's quote challenge at RAKscraps
Futura Lt Bt, Futura Md Bt and Futura XBlk BT