Monday, April 28, 2008

National Scrapbooking Week

Lots of sales going on. Go check out my kit at Scrapdish.

Not much going on around my house, but much coughing and too much pain
this week. I ended up in the ER on my 18th wedding anniversary. Had to get
Demerol and Valium shots in my thigh. If they ever give you the option, take
the hinny. It hurts less. I screamed from back pain when they rolled me over
and scared the nurse so bad, she decided the thighs would be better.
Enough said. I am some better today, but still coughing way to much.
Coughing and back defects don't like each other.
Better get to bed. There is a storm outside and I need to shut my laptop down
for the night. See ya.