Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Re: Another layout almost done!

I'll post my other layout tomorrow. :) Nite all.

Well it's 4:42 am and I decided to post since I am up anyway. Never went to day. Duh...

Un” ewe”sual Dreams by Melissa Daniels

Store link: I'll post when I wake up. :)

Started with a Andrea Gold template and went my own way.

Font: LD Hand

Layout links:

Garden Pop Exploded by Kim Jensen, available at Scrapdish.
Sun-Pop Top Poppers by Kim Jensen

Tracy Blankenship-Template With Attitude #18
Atomic Cupcake actions used on tree shapes
Font: LD Amore(title and date) and LD Gracie(journaling)

Layout links:
Funky Playground Designs

Doodlonomy by Shana Swindle
Such a fun kit to work with. Terrific papers and elements. More layouts to come. Smile

Beauty WA by Coubinette

Layout links:




Thursday, December 11, 2008

Re: CT Layout catchup


You’re The Baby

Scribbles and Sketchie Stencil Alpha by Marie Reckinger, at FPD

Templates With Attitude 18- #4 by Tracy Blankenship, at FPD (frame recolored)

Bejeweled Ribbons by Laura Bratcher, at FPD

Itty Bitty Clay Flowers by Candace Wong, Scrapdish

Girly Girl Paper Pack by Candace Wong, Scrapdish

Slumba Rumba by Phoenix and MerCas Designs(Jodie Lang)-Rick Rack, 2 papers and Alpha

Font: LD Notepad

Layout links:

5th Grade Trip-Sara

Templates With Attitude 18- #2 by Tracy Blankenship

Tracy Blankenship-Punch arrow from Aug 2008 Scrapdish Collab kit.

Slumba Rumba by Phoenix and Mercas Designs

(black paper is recolored, I love the way the starburst effect worked with this.)

Font: LD Hand

Layout links:




Templates With Attitude Trio 1 by Tracy Blankenship, available at Funky Playground Designs

Vivid Intensity by Kim Jensen, available at Scrapdish

Font: Chorizo & El Rio Lobo

Layout Links:

If you have time leave me some love. :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 post in a day. :)

I forgot to show you my Sara layout.
Credits can be seen here at Scrapdish.

Where have I been?

Much has happened since my last post. I stepped down from Scrapdish as a designer. :(
I love designing, but really miss getting to CT and make layouts. I'll still make
my own stuff at times, but really look forward to getting back on some CT teams and
doing what I really love. :)

Still having to go to the neurosurgeon for checkups. I am having way to much pain,
and the getting docs to give pain meds, even when you have birth defects is almost impossible. They all say that I'll need them the rest of my life, but...not willing
to give them long term. (Afraid the law will come after them) So I am going to be
seeing a lawyer to see what my rights are as a disabled old lady with spinal birth defects.

I have some happy news. I will be guest CTing for my friend, Tracy Blankenship for the month of November. She has awesome templates available at Funky Playground and

Gotta get busy filling up my galleries with a lot of pretty and new layouts, so I can apply to some more CT's. :)

My dream is to be on Irene Alexeeva's CT when she starts selling at Scrap Orchard.
I have loved her designs since I saw the first kit. I love the Scrap Orchard community and look forward to having time to be more active there.

Also need to give my blog an over-hall. I will start a new one to practice on.
Better go check on the laundry and family.
Bye for now.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Letting you all know about the Friday specials at Scrapdish.
You can get my Princess Claire elements here.

Trying to get my styles gif file to blink. XXXXXing my fingers. WooooHooo it worked.
pick them up here at Scrapdish.

Punk It Up Acrylic Styles

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My First Acrylic Layer Styles

I finally put together my Punk It Up Acrylic Styles . You can pick these up at
Scrapdish for just $3.00 and they are commerical use OK.
Styles created at 300 dpi. You can see a GIF preview in the store with several
backgrounds behind the styles.
If you are unable to use ASL styles in your program, be sure to keep an eye on
my Scrapdish designs to come. I have several alphas, frames and element packs in the works.
You can get these fun style here.

Two of these styles were used when I created the Punk It Up Acrylics below.
Pick these up here.

Just click on the images to be taken to Scrapdish.

Thank you to Elaine Bittencourt for her Playdough style used on my preview titles. Terrific styles, go pick them up.

Friday, June 13, 2008

My US map

I have always wanted to go to Montana, because my brother went to school there for 4 years. He loved it. :)
Here is the link, if you want to make your own. :)

Places I've Been or Lived

I found this cool link on Melinda blog to make a map of the places you have been or
lived. Here are my maps.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Did you forget me?

Long lost me is finally here. I actually put an element pack in the Scrapdish store today. I found these cool shapes and just had to "Punk It Up" with the acrylic
styles I created in Photoshop.

I also put most of my kits on sale. Lots of great $1 deals.
As for me...I have been back to the neurosurgeon about my other birth defect.
Still not wanting more hardware, but might not have any choice. I'm going
to hold off as long as possible. Doctor says not to sit.(my leg go to sleep after just
a few minutes). Get real, how can I live and not sit?
Better sign off and get to bed. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Playing With My Blog

Here is sit playing with my blog and I should be designing some new things for the store. Lots in the works, just none finished. :) I really need to do better this month at
posting here and getting my store stocked with new stuff. Also need to give my
blog a new header and put myself out there more. That is the hardest part of designing.
I love the design process, but not very good at marketing myself. Hope I learn in
time and get more well time to keep up.

Monday, April 28, 2008

National Scrapbooking Week

Lots of sales going on. Go check out my kit at Scrapdish.

Not much going on around my house, but much coughing and too much pain
this week. I ended up in the ER on my 18th wedding anniversary. Had to get
Demerol and Valium shots in my thigh. If they ever give you the option, take
the hinny. It hurts less. I screamed from back pain when they rolled me over
and scared the nurse so bad, she decided the thighs would be better.
Enough said. I am some better today, but still coughing way to much.
Coughing and back defects don't like each other.
Better get to bed. There is a storm outside and I need to shut my laptop down
for the night. See ya.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Re: New CT member

I am so excited! I have a new CT member, starting today. She was a paper scrapper
and just decided to go digi. I would like to introduce you to Jenny. I found out she
lives only 40 miles away from me. I am so excited. She will be joining my other 2
very talented layout artist, Kim and Marilyn. ;)
I'll be showing you layouts by them from time to time.

I also ordered me a 160 portable Iomega EHD to put my design tool on.
My laptop drive and other EHD's a packed to the max after 4 years
and I needed the space
to put all my tool for Photoshop. So....I bought me a birthday present at a great
price. The price is regularly $160 and I got it for $87 with free shipping. :)
DH does not know it yet, but I still need another External for my kits.
I am watching a 750 GB Iomega and hope to get it the end of May.
I also need an extra battery for my laptop and Tuma Softwares Preset
viewer to see all my Photoshop patterns, shapes, brushes, etc. The "need"
never cease. It takes a lot of space to design kits. Some of my design psd file
are 300mb in size, which adds up quickly.
I also need an USB power source to protect all the stuff I need. I have a surge
protector, but with all I have I really need to be able to shut down my computer
in case the power goes down. If all else fails I will take DH's and give him my
surge protector.
I made a layout for a DeDe Smith crop last night. I used her Farm Tearz kit
and a sketch she gave at the crop. I just have to scrap these goofy picture
of our HUGE 7 month old Pit Bull puppy.
Enough dreaming. I need to hit the sack and get up early tomorrow.
See ya.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Re: checking in

I am not very good at keeping up my blog post. :)
Hopefully I will do better since I have stepped down
from the RAKscraps Creative team. It has been
a fun filled 2 years+ on the team for me, but I
need to concentrate more on designing and
my family

I am studying up on how to pretty up my blog with
some of my kit paper also. Might be a little
tricky though, because I shifted everything
over to the left to make room for my big side
bar on the right. Gotta have my music.
Oh that reminds me I saw a wonder U tube
song I want to show you all. It one of those
thing where the people are in the dark and have
white gloves on and make their hand look like
word, etc. It's amazing!! The spell out God with
their hands.

I finished my part of the Scrapdish April 2008 Collab today.
It is going to be a very fun and funky mega kit by the
fabulous designers at Scrapdish. I post a preview and
the link when it get into the store.

The RAKscraps mega kit also went up today. It will be up until
the end of the month. My very last contribution in in it.
I'm going to miss all my friends on the team there.

Here is another one of my QP's from the Detour
To My Heart QP Album in the store.

Going to have a early night tonight,as
we have church in the morning. See ya.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Re: Woo...hooo, I finished your present

Are you all ready for a freebie? Savannah and I made the cutest little QP for
you all. I should have scrapped Savannah with it, but could not resist this
fun picture of Santana, jumping the garden row string last spring. She
is such a blessing and never ceases to put a smile on MaMa face.

Savannah, came home today with a headache and her jaw hurting from
her reverse head gear. The orthodontist is stretching her upper jaw so
her top teeth will be in front of her bottom one. They say if they do it
young, then they might not have to break her jaw and do surgery as she
reaches her teens. Sure am praying for this. So.....oh yeah.....didn't think
I forgot your present did ya?
The blue paper is from my Detour To The Heart Kit , flowers and ricrac are extras I made. The dirt overlay and metal elements are from my Boyz Luv Dirt! kit,
also available at Scrapdish.
You can get it here. or click on the preview. Enjoy.
Be sure to check inside the file for a coupon code. :)

Detour To My Heart QP Album+

Hi everyone,
What a fun filled day I had. I finished up my Detour To My Heart QP Album
for the Scrapdish store. Then I made some extras and layout of the girls with
them. :) It sure feels great to finally be scrapping again.

My first layout is of Santana. I used QP #2 and added the alpha blocks(they come blank in the Detour To My Heart Kit) for her name and age.
Fonts are LD Atomic and LD Delightful
Isn't she cute with her hair piece in. She is growing up fast

The next one is QP #1 and is of duh....
The names are done with Stamp Act Jumbled. Love that font and use it
all the time. I took the inspiration for this QP from my terrific and talented
CT member, Kim. Here is her layout. I did not have a little cutie with
pigtails for my layout, so I added frames. This QP is included in the set,
with and without the frames. The frames all all included, so you can use
them on the 2 QP's that I left the frames off.
Next is Sara, again. Cool chick, huh? Gotta admit my new kit is very bright
and cheerful. :)

I made a few more, but I'll save those for tomorrow. I'll try to finish the QP
freebie for the blog tonight. I plan to make a flower garden for you.
I added Detour To My Heart to the store the end of last week, but I added
a paper clip flower to it today. I had a lot of fun with that one.

Here is a look at the Detour To My Heart QP Album. Nine pages total, plus frames.

Gotta run and work on the freebie. See ya. :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Re: Detour To My Heart is now at Scrapdish

I got Detour To My Heart uploaded to Scrapdish tonight.
You can see it here.
Inspired by my 6 adorable Grand Daughters.
I need to make so Quick Pages for the store. Hopefully tomorrow.

The girls spent the long weekend with their Dad. They always come home
really tired. He lets them stay up late.
I sure do miss them when they are gone.
Goodnight from the hill of KY.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Re: New Grand Daughter

Look what an adorable picture I got in the mail today. This is my youngest step-
daugher, Nadia and her husband Jeff's new baby. Isn't she just the cutest!!
They named her Alina and she was born on Feb 5th. Needless to say Grandad
will be taking a trip to California soon and leaving the girls and I in Kentucky.
The date on the picture is wrong, but the time is right. Yep, she came in the middle
of the night. Can't wait to scrap this one. I'll post more pictures later. ;)

Re: Scrapdish is having a Storewide sale!

Yep, you read right! We are having a storewide sale at Scrapdish, Feb 11th-Feb 15th.
My designs are on sale for 40% to 49%. I have some really neat alpha's for under
Check them out here.
You can see some of the preview in the below post. :)
Better go get my handmade bread out of the oven. smell so good.
Hope to get some design/scrap time in the afternoon. Having a good day today.

I'm back. Had to add the link to the post. Three perfect loaves so far, seven more to bake, then Photoshop here
I come. :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Re: Having a not so good month

Sorry I have not been around much. I have really been having a rough time
with my back lately. I had a major reconstructive surgery done in January 2007and
was doing well under October when I got a cough. Well....coughing and a back
full of titanium don't like each other. I also got shin splints and couldn't go to
physical therapy. So.....I have spent much time in bed of late.

I saw my neurosurgeon today for my 1 year post-op. He says the everything looks
to be healing, He said that with my rotoscoliosis,is another story though. I have
an extra half wedge shaped bone between T10 and T11.
The only way to get any relief for that is to fuse the rest of my back. NO WAY!!!!!! I have had 2 spinal surgeryalready and that is enough for any lifetime.
There are no guarentees it will work anyway. I'm unique he's never seen another me.
So.....DH will just have to listen to me whine at night when the
pills and ice pack don't give relief.
Needless to say I have had a not good day. T10 1/2 as I not so affectionately
call it had been out of it "normal" position today and I feel like I have a rib
sticking through my liver. :(
I took a picture of the x-rays to show the girls. I'll post it here so you can see the
new me. Gotta go. Here is my thorn in the flesh. When I was young you could
see the wedge shaped bone very clearly. Now is just looks like a jumbled up mess.
Feels worse than it looks, since they jacked the botton lumbar levels up.

I need to get to bed and hopefully get a kit finished for the store tomorrow.