Sunday, October 21, 2007

More terrific CT layouts to share

My CT member, Kimberly has been working hard for me.
She has created 4 more fabulous layouts. She just got back from a vacation
to Maine and she has some
great photo to share on her layouts. Isn't this whale photo really great!!
I was so proud to see my kit used with this one of a kind photo. WOW!!!
I am truly amazed by this one. :) She used Girl Rule, Boys Drool! and my Hand
Pressed Paper Pack for this one.
I also found out that Kim and I share a love of cow. We have white cows, but I have
always love spotted ones. She used Gently Washed for this layout.

Then she amazed me yet again with this beautiful photo of the bubble pond. Aren't
the colors just wonderful?! Gently Washed and the rick rack from the Girl Rule, Boys
Drool! Elements Pack were used for this one.

And last but not least, is this photo of her daughters dog, Banner. What a pretty
dog she is. The is a treasure of a photo for her family, I'm sure. :) Sweetness , Gently
Washed and the stitching(recolored) and staple are from my Girls Rule, Boys Drool! Element Pack.
Banner is done with my Pink Felt Alpha. I love... how she has
mixed and matched most of my kits for this layout. Thank you, Kimberly. You
are truly a blessing to me. :)

Time for bed. My husband and I sang at a benefit singing at a church tonight which
lasted 4 hours, so it is already after midnight. Morning will be here soon, so it is
off to bed for me. The girls are with their Dad today and tomorrow, so Grandad
and I(grandma, aka:MaMa) are on our own. Grandad has been asleep for an hour
already. Good night.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Crampy leg day

I went to the eye doctor today and ordered new glasses. I walked around with huge
pupils most of the day and had to wear those funny paper glasses. Santana couldn't
wait until I was done with them.
I went to bed early tonight, but got up when my legs got to hurting to much. My
computer helps to get my mind of them. Hopefully I will calm down and be able to
sleep soon.
Talk to you all later.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Re: My CT is so great

I have been so pleased with the great layouts my CT are doing for me.
Take a look at this fun layout, by Kimberly. I just love this one and can't stop
smiling. Patch is actually drooling. How cool is that. :) This one really made my
This beautiful photo by Kimberly, just makes this one "pop". She just got
back from her vacation and if this photo is what we are going to see from Kim
I can't wait to see the next one. She used Girls Rule, Boys Drool! for both of theses.

Want to see some more fabulous layout by Leah?
Her little boy is so cute! When have you ever seen a pout as cute
as this?

Wesley helping Mommy plant her flowers. :)
And look what was in the yard the other day. Wish I had seen that. ;)
Thanks so much to my great CT, you are making my designing experience at joy.
Love you all!
Need to get to work, to keep up with them. 10 more kits in the works. Papers done,
working on elements.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Re: I am a Scrapdish Designer now

I thought I posted it here. But guess I didn't. It is official.
I am now a Scrapdish Designer. This is a dream come true for me.
I still can't believe it!
I did point you all to my designs in the store on a previous post though. :)
See ya!

Re: Another great CT member

I am so excited to introduce you to my newest CT member, Shari. She creates
fabulous layouts! I can't wait to see her first layout with my Girls Rule, Boys Drool!
kit. It is so much fun to see my hard work put to use.
Better get to bed. My to do list for tomorrow includes making my fabulous kit members
a blinkie. I also will be working on 6 new kits that only need the elements now.
Yes I got carried away with some brushed up papers. I can't wait to show you all.
I love the colors of this one. Thank you Raji.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Re: Added some CT members

I am thrilled to be working with 3 very talented scrappers on my new creative team.
Join me in welcoming Leah, Marilyn and Kimberly.

Marilyn uploaded two layouts for me today in my product gallery at Scrapdish. She
used my Girls Rule, Boys Drool! Paper and Element Packs.
You can get them here.

It's off to bed for me.


Friday, October 5, 2007

I'm learning...

I am so excited. I actually added my own products to the site I will be selling at.
Guess I'm not such an old girl after all. :) I even figured out the HTML, so my
descriptions are not all running together. I need to go in tomorrow and figure out the
coupon codes for my CT members though.
I am so thrilled to have some really talented ladies who want to work with me.
My kits are on sale at the Digital Candy store for 50% off for just a few more days.
Then they will be at the new site.
The girls at Digital Candy are such a sweet bunch. I really hate to leave there, but
felt the need to be with my longtime digi family.

I am now also back on the RAKscraps elements team and will be contributing to the
monthly mega kits again.
Did you know that the RAKscraps 3rd anniversary is coming up in November?
It is sure to be a lot of fun for all involved. I will be hosting a chat there on November
7th at 9:30 p.m., EST. I will be giving away a add on to one of my kits to all who attend my chat.
I will also be giving out prizes to 4 lucky winners.
I will also be doing a challenge that day at RAKscraps.

Bedtime for me. I have skin splints on my left leg and need to give it a rest.
Off to bed and hopefully I'll get my Oct mega done tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

CT :)

Yeah!!! I have a couple of great CT members now. To be announced later.I still need a few more though.
Doing a happy dance here. I also have a little secret that will be revealed on Oct. 10th
I am really doing the happy dance over this!!
Need to work on some kits. See you all later.