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Review: A Mother's Promise by Anna Schmidt

A Mother's Promise
(Book 3 of Women of Pinecraft)
Anna Schmidt
Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Barbour Books
Pub Date   Dec 1 2012

Recently widowed Rachel Kaufman is seeking a fresh start for herself and her son, Justin. Will a move to Florida, her new job as hospital chaplain, and Pinecraft’s Mennonite community be the balm to soothe her grieving soul? Teenager Justin is struggling to fit in. Will a newfound sense of power as a bully be his only recourse? Dr. Ben Booker lost his faith when his niece Sally became ill. Will his attraction to Rachel restore him mentally and spiritually? When gossip about Rachel jeopardizes her career and her second chance at love, how will God work to turn a potential disaster into paradise?

My Review:
I was wonderfully surprised by A Mother's Promise by Anna Schmidt, which is  Book 3 of Women of Pinecraft series. I loved this book so much I plan to read the two previous books in the series, which are A Stranger's Gift (book #1) and A Sister's Forgiveness (book #2)

Having been a young widow myself,  I found it easy to identify with the feelings and mourning stages that Rachel went through.  I admired her for deciding to make a new life for herself and her son, Justin in Florida. It also took courage for her to go to college before she married in the Mennonite community that did not encourage their women to do so. She was a women with an incredibly sweet spirit, that drew most people to her.  It was wonderful to see how that same sweet spirit worked on others in the book who did not want to give her a chance. She touched many lives and they were all changed for the better.

Dr. Ben Booker is a man that I instantly liked. And his niece Sally is an strong young girl of 13, to be inspired by. Thank you Anna for a very enjoyable book.  I will recommend this book to my friends and give it a 5 out of 5 stars.

I received this book from Barbour Publishing and Net Galley for my honest review. 

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 About the author:
Anna Schmidt is the author of over twenty works of fiction. Among her many honors, Anna is the recipient of Romantic Times’ Reviewer’s Choice Award and a finalist for the RITA award for romantic fiction. She enjoys gardening and collecting seashells at her winter home in Florida.

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