Friday, March 21, 2008

Re: New CT member

I am so excited! I have a new CT member, starting today. She was a paper scrapper
and just decided to go digi. I would like to introduce you to Jenny. I found out she
lives only 40 miles away from me. I am so excited. She will be joining my other 2
very talented layout artist, Kim and Marilyn. ;)
I'll be showing you layouts by them from time to time.

I also ordered me a 160 portable Iomega EHD to put my design tool on.
My laptop drive and other EHD's a packed to the max after 4 years
and I needed the space
to put all my tool for Photoshop. So....I bought me a birthday present at a great
price. The price is regularly $160 and I got it for $87 with free shipping. :)
DH does not know it yet, but I still need another External for my kits.
I am watching a 750 GB Iomega and hope to get it the end of May.
I also need an extra battery for my laptop and Tuma Softwares Preset
viewer to see all my Photoshop patterns, shapes, brushes, etc. The "need"
never cease. It takes a lot of space to design kits. Some of my design psd file
are 300mb in size, which adds up quickly.
I also need an USB power source to protect all the stuff I need. I have a surge
protector, but with all I have I really need to be able to shut down my computer
in case the power goes down. If all else fails I will take DH's and give him my
surge protector.
I made a layout for a DeDe Smith crop last night. I used her Farm Tearz kit
and a sketch she gave at the crop. I just have to scrap these goofy picture
of our HUGE 7 month old Pit Bull puppy.
Enough dreaming. I need to hit the sack and get up early tomorrow.
See ya.

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