Monday, October 15, 2012

Another book review tomorrow

I finish another review book on Saturday and have my review ready to be posted for the blog tour tomorrow.  I loved this book. It is not a light read, but so worth it.

My daughter is in the hospital awaiting the results of her many test.  Please pray for her and her family and keep them in your thoughts this week. I talked to her several times today and her spirits are up, but she was pretty groggy from the meds they gave her so she could stay calm during her second MRI. They gave her two pills and should have given her a half of one pill.  lol
 She has titanium in her back like I do and it was heating up on her and she felt a pulling sensation
during the brain MRI they did yesterday that thank God was normal.  She and her wonderful husband are raising three of our 7 grand daughters.  They are such an awesome and loving family. Sending love their way.
Off to bed. I was up a lot last night praying for her.

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