Friday, September 14, 2012

Our 1860 Appalachian Log Home

I thought I would post photos of our 1860 log home in the hills of Kentucky.We raised three of our grand daughters for several years and now are finally in our senior years as a couple.  I am slowing re-doing some of our rooms. The first will be my sewing room and I plan to post before and after photos as I go along.   But for now I am giving you an outside peak our our home.   Don't look to close at my sadly in need of a caregiver flower beds. I have been disabled since 1998 and very rarely feel up to working in them.

The waterfall is in the front of our home. The original owners had the women in mind when they built the cabin so close the it. On the upper right was were my rock flower bed is. Yes, it's under there somewhere. I carried rocks from the creeks for 3 years. In the early summer I can still see my peony, daffodils and wild roses blooming there.  Sure wish I had a someone to help me restore it. My husband works himself to the bone with our vegetable garden, taking care of our animals and getting fire wood in for the winter.  He cut down my fruit trees, lavender bushes and assorted other plants that he got tired of weed eating around. The poor man has a large yard to mow and 217 blueberries bushes to weed and prune.  But... that's a story for another day. 

We have 2 pitbulls who call this home and keep the us safe. We have sited a black bear and a black panther looking down on our pasture. They don't come near the house because of the dogs.
                                               Good night and God bless you all. 

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