Friday, September 14, 2012

About Me

 Sept. 13, 2012

My first about me post

Well...I did it again. I was going to go to bed on time last night last night but my scrapping mojo was
in high gear and I finished 6 layout last night. I have 2 more almost done and 2 more planned out already. I have always been my most creative at night, wish it was not so, but that's how it works out.

I am sitting at my computer looking at a photo of my beautiful oldest grand daughter that I plan to scrap next. She is an amazing young women. She is our middle daughters oldest and is a Sophomore this years. She has two younger sisters who are in middle school, one in 6th and the other in 8th.
I blinked my eyes and they were all grown up. They now live in Michigan. We get to see them at
Christmas and on their birthdays. Sure do miss them.

We have an adopted in son, who lives in Kentucky. He and his wife are the parents of our other
middle school grand daughter. She love soccer and is very good at it. She also ice skates.

Our oldest daughter and son-in-law live in Michigan also. They have another grand daughter who
goes to the elementary school where her mom also works. She is so sweet. She love to dance and
is super cute.

Our youngest daughter lives far, far away in California. She has two adorable little girls. The last
time I saw her she was pregnant with the youngest one. My husband and 6th grade grand daughter
flew out to see them a couple of summers ago. Hopefully soon we will be able to visit.

If you follow my blog you will see that my grand daughter are the subject of most of my layouts.

I'll close my opening post on my About Me page by welcoming you to my little home on the web.
Be sure to check out my book reviews, layouts and hopefully soon my sewing projects. May God bless you all with health and happiness.  Bye for now. :)

This is Amazing Gracie and I.

This is my goofy, amazing husband 

The story behind my digi-scrap gallery/forum user name. I have been GodBlessAmerica for so long(10 years) in the forums and galleries that it seems like a my nickname now. Many of my online friends know me by GBA_Jan or GodBlessAmerica only.  I am slowing letting them know I am Jan.  :)
I am pretty sure if you click on the layout it will open up bigger in another window so you can read the journaling. The original layout is here in my STO gallery, if you want to leave me some love. :)

Enough talk for today. 

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