Thursday, October 18, 2007

Re: My CT is so great

I have been so pleased with the great layouts my CT are doing for me.
Take a look at this fun layout, by Kimberly. I just love this one and can't stop
smiling. Patch is actually drooling. How cool is that. :) This one really made my
This beautiful photo by Kimberly, just makes this one "pop". She just got
back from her vacation and if this photo is what we are going to see from Kim
I can't wait to see the next one. She used Girls Rule, Boys Drool! for both of theses.

Want to see some more fabulous layout by Leah?
Her little boy is so cute! When have you ever seen a pout as cute
as this?

Wesley helping Mommy plant her flowers. :)
And look what was in the yard the other day. Wish I had seen that. ;)
Thanks so much to my great CT, you are making my designing experience at joy.
Love you all!
Need to get to work, to keep up with them. 10 more kits in the works. Papers done,
working on elements.

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