Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Busy summer

I have had a very fun filled summer, but also a stressful one with much work to be done around the farm. We had a much better blueberry crop this year and it was great to see my previous pruning has help this improve. Much more pruning to do on the back 2 rows. DH still has to cut the trees down that are stealing the sunshine from them. Tough job and certainly one I can not do. The trees are
on an incline and getting them to fall the right way will be a challenge. 

I finally got our network and internet issues fixed today.  I installed the new Airport and it seems to be working out well so far.  I have been trying unsuccessfully for most of the spring and summer to get us up to speed. Having to unplug the router and dsl every hour does not leave much time to get my reviews posted and other thing taken care of on the computer.  I have read many of my review books though, so playing catch up with my reviews, which have been written in my old paper notebook. Technology is great when it works, but paper and pencil work when all else fails. lol

I was thrilled to see my Davis and Farmer families, but three back to back trips were not much fun. Visiting John's family(Davis') is always emotional for me and the girls. Santana and Sara were able to go with us this year. Hope to have Savannah with us on our 2014 trip to the reunion. I cried when I saw my brother at the Farmer reunion. I miss him so much. We have not been able to see each other for 3 years. Time sure flies when you get my age.  Hope to spend some quality time with my brother this fall. Which mean I better get my reviews all posted. I have learned that I can use my wireless keyboard with my iPod, so hopefully will be able to type them easier if I am away from home. Hard to tote a big desktop on a plane. ( I knew there was a reason I should have gotten a laptop.) 

Enough chatting and on to posting reviews. See ya. 8-o

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