Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coming soon~ 8 more book reviews.

I have 8 more book reviews to post. I had lots of time to read while my back and "Marcelle" as I have dubbed my hemi-vertebrea has been giving me fit. If I did not have my spinal cord stimulator I would have made several trip to the ER already.  I have been swelling up also which I need to get checked out. Sitting at my computer seems to make it worse. I have been taking some Standard Process products the help, but lying down seems to be be the best cure. Melissa is worried and want me
to go to the real doctor.  I wish Dr. Boz could check it out as I can not find a GP who will take on a disabled back patient on Medicare. Well I have rambled enough. I am falling asleep sitting here.
Our out of town company wore me out, but we were so very happy to see them. Before I go here are the books I have read and have reviews for.

Good night,  sleep tight,

Here are the books I am now reading. Stealing the preacher is on my favs list. I love all Karen Witemeyer's books. It you like Mary Connealy you will also enjoy Karen's book.

Here are the books I have and will be reading this week.
 Another favorite author is Kathleen Y'Barbo and the others are all author's I have read before  and enjoyed.

 I am really saying good night now. lol
Good night. :O ( that is me yawning) rofl in my sleep

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