Monday, September 21, 2009

Can you smell the blueberries and grapes?

I made 3 layout again. This time with Blueberry Grape Smoothie by Jen Yurko and Amy Stoffel. I'm telling you, I get started with my Jen Yurko kits and there is no stopping me. I love to see how many totally different looks I can get from one kit. ;) This is so yummy, I could eat it.
I swear everytime I look at these kits on my hard drive I can smell the flavors. :) Honestly,
it must be a trick of the mind or Jen added flavor when Amy was not looking. The kit is linked
to the preview below or you can get the full kit. YUMMY!!

You can get this great kit at Inspiration Lane. It is also available in the huge Flavors of Life:Summer kit. Here

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