Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chris Tomlin

As you can see I have added another Chris Tomlin- Amazing Grace (I've Been Set Free)
version to my blog. You will have to pause one or they will play at once.
I love these and could listen to them over and over long. They really
talk to me. Must be the Lord talking to me through them.

The girls and I are fighting colds. I hate it when they are sick.
Hopefully we will all feel better tomorrow.
Almost done with my December 07 RAKscraps Mega. Be watching for it and
the other part to start coming out around the 15th.
RAKscraps rocks! I love that place and have made so many great friends there.
Night all.

1 comment:

BansGran said...

Hi Jan

Hope you and the girls are feeling better soon!!! The new video is lovely. TFS

Take care